Fluke Vs Brymen Multimeter: Which One To Pick

Fluke vs Brymen are two brands that manufacture multimeters. Fluke is the benchmark for most brands while Brymen offers the best quality out of Asia. Both are widely respected among electricians and automotive mechanics.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the differences between Brymen vs Fluke and what they offer. You’ll learn the pros and cons of our top picks. This will help you decide which multimeter works best for you.

If you’re in a hurry, get a Fluke multimeter if you work on big projects that require a durable device. The brand is trusted and preferred by many professionals. Go for Brymen if you need an affordable personal multimeter for your projects at home or at your workplace.

Fluke Multimeter

Fluke Vs Brymen


  • High safety rating
  • Accurate and precise
  • Better build quality (durable casing)
  • Dust and water resistance
  • Shock and gas-proof
  • Better resale value


  • Higher price point
  • Poor quality displays


Fluke designs multimeters that can be used both at home and for commercial purposes. The Fluke 179, for example, is one of the best multimeters for the job. It tests resistance, frequency, voltage, continuity, and capacitance.

Almost every Fluke multimeter has CAT III 600V rating or higher. This means that it is safe to use and will not cause an injury if it falls. The 179 comes with a better build quality that allows the device to withstand most types of physical abuse. It is made in the USA and adheres to superior construction standards.

The brand also offers water and dust resistance, meaning the multimeter can withstand different types of environments. Expect the most precise and accurate measurements while at it thanks to the standards upheld by the brand. The auto-ranging feature provides quick and fast results. The manual ranging comes with temperature ranges of up to 7520F and a voltage rating of up to 1,000V.

Electricians and mechanics will enjoy a wide variety of options and modes. Fluke multimeters are generally easy to use thanks to the intuitive controls designed for both beginners and seasoned professionals. For example, the 179’s Min/Max mode accommodates changing values and the smoothing mode caters for noisy signals.

The only disadvantage Fluke multimeters have is lower quality displays. For example, some are too small, making it hard to read measurements. Others don’t have backlighting and in those that do, it doesn’t stay on for long.

Some lose contrast when viewed from the corners. While this can be annoying, it is manageable. Fluke remains the best and even offers a lifetime warranty. The device mentioned hear is ideal for every job whether messy, loud, or high energy.

Brymen Multimeter

Fluke Vs Brymen


  • Less expensive
  • Better digital display
  • Easy to use
  • Protected screen
  • Excellent input protection
  • More features in competing models


  • Slightly lower build quality
  • Less protection against elements


Brymen manufactures both budget-friendly and premium multimeters that have no problem matching up to Fluke. They come with basic functionalities such as the ability to measure frequency, resistance, duty cycle, voltage, capacitance, continuity, and much more.

The Brymen BM869s is CAT IV rated, meaning it provides protection to the user in environments that have the highest energy levels. It’s a high-performance multimeter that offers accurate measurements of up to 1000V. The BM869s competes well with the Fluke 179 mentioned above.

Incorporated into the multimeter are analyses tools such as Crest, Hold, Average, and MIN-MAX. The measurements are presented on a high-quality display that performs way better than the one found in a Fluke. The LCD display freezes the reading for later view and offers good backlighting that allows you to read the values at different angles.

Brymen is often a cheaper alternative to Fluke due to a few reasons. First, it does not offer the extra protection that comes in most Fluke multimeters. This includes features such as waterproofing, shock proofing, and gas proofing properties – which either way can be unnecessary for many people.

It does, however, have a larger and better-protected screen that is not affected by impact from outside elements. Many competing Brymen models also offer more features when compared to those produced by Fluke. This makes the former a better alternative to the latter in our Fluke vs Brymen review.

Being a company that’s based in Taiwan, products are sold in the US through several companies that have rebranded the multimeters for the overseas market. In the US, you will find it under the Greenlee and EEVBlog brands which are rebadged Brymen models.

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Fluke Vs Brymen Multimeter: Verdict

Fluke is the right brand for you if you’re looking for a premium product with better build quality, robustness, and high durability but at a higher price point. The brand assures buyers that products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service.

Fluke devices are known to last more than 30 years without fail. The only thing that owners need to do is replace the battery once it’s drained. This can happen about 4 times throughout the multimeter’s lifespan. These devices are best for contractors that work on big projects.

There’s something about showing up at the job site with the “yellow one.” Regardless of how great other multimeters are, Fluke is regarded as the one to have. It’s also trusted for anything certified or with low voltage. Many professionals use it as a benchmark for accuracy.

Fluke also has better resale value. It attracts a better price in the used market. The price point is more about durability and having a product that can withstand the scrutiny of safety audits and industry expectations. It has little to do with value for your money. Brymen offers more value for your money here.

Brymen will do what it says it will do at much less. It also gains an advantage over Fluke for its superior displays and lower price point. It is the right multimeter for you if you’re looking for a brand with an affordable range of devices for personal use.

As mentioned, it offers the best value for your money, especially if you’re the one buying and not your company. There’s no need to spend 3-4x on a Fluke. All models are very durable and work perfectly without the extra perks. Brymen is great for mechanics, electricians, and home uses.