11 Car Brands With An S Logo

Since the invention of the automobile, many car manufacturers have tried their luck at making the most successful car brand. From SUVs to sedans, many have come and gone. One of the many ways these car brands differentiate themselves is by using an S logo. In this guide, we’ll highlight the most popular and not-so-popular … Read more

What Cars Have a Z Logo?

There are plenty of car brands that have a Z logo on them. For some, the letter Z represents the name of the parent company while for others, it stands for the vehicle’s make or brand. While there are many cars with Z emblems out there, it’s not always easy to differentiate them. In this … Read more

What Car Brands Have a T Shaped Logo?

The automotive industry is one of the most dynamic industries we have today. Since the invention of cars in the 1800s, plenty of manufacturers have come and gone. They have used different names and emblems to identify themselves. One of the most identifiable ways car brands employ is using a T shaped logo. The logo … Read more

What Does REST Mean On Driver’s License?

How to fix car mirror

A driver’s license (DL) gives a person permission to operate a motor vehicle. It takes the form of a card that must be in your possession anytime you’re driving. It shows that you’re a legally licensed driver. Some of the information contained in your license includes your full name, date of birth, photograph, mailing address, … Read more

Which Driver is Exempt from Speed limits?

Speed limits and traffic safety laws play an important role in helping reduce car crashes. As a rule of thumb, every car driver is expected to drive at a speed that is reasonable and prudent. This promotes their own safety and that of every other motorist and pedestrian. Speed-related laws are applicable to all vehicles … Read more

What Cars Last 200,000 Miles? Complete Guide

Almost any car can last up to 200,000 miles if it’s well-maintained and not abusively driven. The number one factor that determines the reliability and dependability of vehicles is how well they are taken care of. This includes carrying out scheduled maintenance on time, doing any necessary repairs, and keeping the car clean and in … Read more

Which Engine is More Economical and Compact?


Car manufacturers have worked tirelessly over the years to make the internal combustion engine more economical and compact. The idea was to build an engine that makes prudent use of resources. That is, the smallest power unit that can produce enough juice by burning less fuel. All efforts have been geared towards achieving a reduction … Read more