How Does The AC Work in an Electric Car

How Long Do Car AC Compressors Last

Electric cars are growing in numbers all over the world. Word around is that they are cheaper to run and maintain. One of the few systems carried over from gas-powered cars is the AC. Many have been wondering, how does the AC work in an electric car? Just like a traditional vehicle, the air conditioning … Read more

5 Worst Used Electric Cars You Should Avoid

The electric car market is at its tipping point. With governments looking to ban the production of gas-powered cars by as early as 2030, more car manufacturers are abandoning combustion engines for electric motors. There’s so much to choose from at the moment and it’s getting harder to know what EV is best, especially if … Read more

Electric Cars That Can Go 400 Miles in 2022

One of the biggest worries that car owners have when it comes to switching to an electric vehicle is range anxiety. This is the fear that you may run out of power before reaching your destination. Currently, the longest-range electric cars can go about 400 miles. Most average 200 – 300 miles on a single … Read more