Best Car Steering Wheel Desk Tray (2022)

Cars are like our second homes. We spend a lot of time eating, moving around, and working in them. They can sometimes be our comfort zone. Well, what better way to make your car comfortable than with a car steering wheel desk tray? This is a simple device that provides a solid support for a … Read more

Best Car Seat Cushion for Long Distance Driving (2022)

Car Seat Cushion for Long Distance Driving

Driving for long distances requires the right posture. However, car seats can sometimes fail to provide the right sitting position for our back, hips, buttocks, and coccyx. This can leave us with different types of aches and body pains. Fortunately, there are plenty of car seat cushions on the market that can make your long … Read more

5 Best Foldable Traction Mats for Your Car (2022)

Traction mats come in handy when you’re stuck in mud, sand, or snow. They provide friction between your tires and the ground, allowing your car to get out of a slippery situation quickly. This is especially if you’re alone with no one to help you. Foldable traction mats are the best alternative to shoveling or … Read more

5 Best Waterproof Electrical Connectors for Automotive

As a rule of thumb, the electrical systems, wires, and switches in your car should not be exposed to water. Moisture can cause a lot of damage, especially in wet climates. Some of the signs you may notice on your wires include worn insulation, shorts, and oxidation. This is common where electrical components are not … Read more

Best Phone Holder for Mini Cooper | Which One To Pick

The Mini Cooper’s cockpit doesn’t provide room for much, especially if you’re looking to fit accessories that make your life easier. If you’re getting something, such as a phone mount, it has to fit just right. The best phone holder should take as little space as possible and provide the functionality you need in your … Read more

5 Best Steering Wheel Covers For Sweaty Hands

Best steering wheel cover for sweaty hands

For someone with sweaty hands, the best steering wheel cover should be able to absorb moisture, dry quickly, be breathable, and temperature-resistant during hot weather. In addition, it should not appear wet or feel slippery when in use, and neither should it stain or smell. According to Bustle, you should avoid anything made of plastic, … Read more

Is Tire Shine Bad for Tires? Best Tire Shine for You

fix a flat tire on a car

Tire shine isn’t bad for tires as long as you know what product to pick. There are two types available on the market – water-based and solvent-based tire shine. Both are available either as a gel or spray. Solvent-based tire shine contains the harshest chemicals. It can cause significant damage to your tires and wheels … Read more