Is It Bad to Take Your Car through a Carwash Every day?

Ideally, washing your car every day is not bad. The main thing to worry about is how well it’s being washed. Hand washing is considered much safer than taking your vehicle through an automatic car wash. This is because a conveyorized tunnel carwash with scrubbers can cause damage to the paint on your car.

Our vehicles are usually a huge financial investment. We use them to run errands and carry out important activities. It’s not abnormal to want to take extra care of them and ensure they stay sparkling clean. However, we should ensure that the washing process is safe and does not ruin the paint.

Is it bad to take your car through a carwash every day

Handwashing your car every day is safe as long as you do not use any harsh detergents or abrasive scrubbers. I live in a very dusty environment that requires me to wash my car every day before using it the next morning.

I have been doing this for years and so far, it has not caused any damage to my vehicle. The paint still looks as good as new. The salespeople behind car wash equipment also get their vehicles washed more often when testing out new equipment. This causes no damage to their cars.

The only thing that can cause problems is taking your car to an automatic carwash often. It can cause the paint to deteriorate over time. Many automatic washes have dirty scrubbers that tend to pick up debris from other vehicles and the surrounding.

When not cleaned, they leave scratches and swirl marks on the surface of the vehicle and cause damage to the paint. It’s, therefore, not a good idea to take your car through an automatic car wash every day. You’d rather hand wash it. If at all you must go to a car wash, only use touch-free.

Touch-free washes are also referred to as touchless or brushless. They wash the car without coming into contact with it. All the dirt is cleared using streams of high-pressure water. This means that no scratches develop on your car and there are no rollers or scrubbers that can cause damage to it.

How often should you wash your car

The answer to this question is every time it gets dirty. This could be daily, weekly, or a couple of times a week. The idea here is to be careful not to damage the clear coat or paint. A car’s body usually comes out of the assembly line with the bare metal exposed.

An epoxy primer or self-etching primer is then applied to protect it from corrosion and make the paint stick better. A base coat of paint goes over the primer to give the car its color. To protect it from UV damage, a thick clear coat is applied on top. This coat can last up to 10 years.

To avoid damaging it while washing your car, use the appropriate car wash soap. Avoid bleaches, household cleaning products, and any harsh detergents. If you must scrub, use a microfiber cloth or sponge. Be gentle on the paint.

Dry the surface using a dry microfiber cloth that is free from debris. Do not leave any water spots. Finally, apply a coat of wax once the vehicle dries.

As you can see, the question is not whether you should take your car to a carwash every day, it’s about how the washing is done.

How often is too often to wash your car

We’ve already determined that washing your car every day is not bad. Only taking it through a conveyorized tunnel car wash with scrubbers will cause damage to the paint. However, is it possible to wash it too often?

Washing your car more than once throughout the day can be considered excessive. This is especially, if you live in an area that is dust free. In fact, if you rarely ever encounter dirt or mud every time you leave the house, washing your car once every three or four weeks is enough.

Washing the car too much can dull the paint and create a faded sheen. The factory paint is usually designed to withstand normal weather conditions even without waxing. Constant and excessive cleaning can wear it down quickly.

Areas on your car that have been washed too much may start to develop tiny cracks on the paint surface. This spreads out to other areas. It’s common where a car has been washed repeatedly on the same spot.

Also, it’s simply wasteful and harmful to the environment to take your car through a carwash more than once a day. The soap and water get released into the surrounding and may be harmful to plants and animals.

Unless you’re constantly driving through mud and dirt, washing more than once a day can be overkill. The only exception is if you drive on salty water or roads covered in salt during winter. The metal parts found underneath the car get exposed to corrosion.

Experts advise getting rid of the salt as soon as you get home. The longer you let it stay there, the quicker the metal reacts with it. When visiting a carwash, look for one that offers undercarriage cleaning and underbody car wash services.

Should you take a new car through a carwash

There is nothing that should stop you from taking your new car to a carwash. This is especially if it has accumulate enough dirt. One thing to remember is that the best type of wash for a new car is touchless.

Tunnel car washes use spinning brushes that contain abrasive elements, dirt, grim, and debris collected from other vehicles. While some establishments do clean their brushes, it still takes a couple of cycles before they do so.

If you’re ever in line at the carwash and the car in front of you looks very dirty, it’s best to schedule the wash for another day. The dirt from that car may stick to the brushes and ruin the finish on your new vehicle.

The best thing to do generally is to avoid automatic car washes with brushes or “gentle” soft cloth. The cloth still manages to pick up dirt, grease, rocks, and sand from other vehicles. You do not want any of that stuff getting in contact with your vehicle’s finish.

Touchless and laser wash is where you should be at. These do not always clean the car thoroughly, but they are better than leaving with a vehicle that has scratches and swirl marks. It’s either that or some careful handwashing.

Benefits of washing your car regularly

We have discovered that it is not bad to take your car through a carwash every day as long as it is washed right. The next question is, apart from staying clean, are there any other benefits to washing your car regularly?

1.    Prevents damage

The minerals found in dirt, mud, and sand can sometimes cause damage to the surface of your car. This is especially if you often drive on icy roads sprinkled with salt.

Having the car washed regularly helps to remove anything that is harmful to the paint job. Dirt and debris tend to accelerate the rate of deterioration.

2.    Improves safety

When your car windows and windshield are clean, it becomes easier to see through them. This allows you to use the mirrors freely and observe the road ahead without obstruction. You don’t have to do any guess work as you can see clearly.

3.    Enhances value

When selling your car, one of the many things that can make you lose out on a good deal is having a dirty vehicle. Also, a vehicle that has deteriorated over time due to prolonged exposure to salt and dirt can lose some of its value.

Scratches, dull paint and rust are often a turn off for buyers. If you’re planning to sell or trade in your car in the future, clean it regularly to help maintain its condition.

4.    Increased confidence

A clean car helps to improve the confidence of the driver and brings about an improved sense of well-being. It allows the owner to drive without having to worry about its outward appearance. A clear mind is important when driving as it improves road safety.

Cleaning also helps to establish a relationship with your car. We all tend to feel a sense of pride taking care of something we have invested in. Having a clean vehicle can bring about such positive feelings.

5.    Durability

A car that is cleaned regularly will always last longer than one left dirty for a long time. The soap and water helps to remove the impurities from the body. The undercarriage, in particular is prone to corrosion due to exposure to salt.

Vehicles that experience considerable rusting end up being taken to a scrap yard after about 10 years of use. This is because impurities and salt can cause considerable deterioration to different parts. Removing the debris and dirt helps to keep the car operational for a long time.

On That Note

You can take your car to a touchless car wash every day. Any other types of automatic car washes will possibly cause damage to the exterior paint. However, handwashing remains to be the best possible method for your car. It is the least abrasive and does a good job without affecting thoroughness.

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