5 Best Foldable Traction Mats for Your Car (2022)

Traction mats come in handy when you’re stuck in mud, sand, or snow. They provide friction between your tires and the ground, allowing your car to get out of a slippery situation quickly. This is especially if you’re alone with no one to help you.

Foldable traction mats are the best alternative to shoveling or having to call a tow truck. In this guide, you’ll find the 5 best foldable traction mats that you can easily store in your car. They do not take up much space and unlike boards, they are flexible and easier to handle.

Best Foldable Tire Traction Mats for Your Car (2022)

  1. Most Convenient: EVTIME Emergency Devices Tire Traction Mats
  2. Editor’s Pick: Pinto, Inc GoTreads Emergency Traction Mats
  3. Best Value for Money: Performance Tool W41003 Traction Mats
  4. Economical: WawaAuto All-Weather Foldable Traction Mat
  5. Heavy Duty: Discount Ramps Apex TP-7417 Recovery Grip Track

Most Convenient: EVTIME Emergency Devices Tire Traction Mats

best foldable traction mats

EVTIME Emergency traction mats are made using the same material that makes tires. They include high-strength tungsten steel and engineering rubber material. This makes them one of the strongest foldable traction mats available out there.

They are designed to work like snow chains or tire chains. However, these do not require any installation. The manufacturer recommends leveling loose ground with tools, your hands, or a shovel before laying them flat in front of your tires.

The mats are made to work in mud, sand, snow, and ice. They fit on all types of tires including winter, summer, and all-season tires. EVTIME also made them compatible with all types of cars – from trucks to passenger cars to SUVs.

They are available in two sizes – 27.6 x 10.8 inches and 39 x 10.8 inches. They also include abrasive tungsten steel on the side facing the ground. This makes them strong, durable, and highly wear-resistant.

The rubberized rungs are connected using galvanized steel cables, allowing the mats to support vehicles weighing up to 7 tons. This, combined with the material’s flexibility makes this product extremely user-friendly. You can fold your mats quickly and store them in your trunk.

You also get a pair of rubber gloves inside the package to prevent your hands from getting dirty or cold. A storage bag is included for convenience. These foldable traction mats will get you out of anything, no matter the situation.

Here’s what buyers have to say:

“I’ve used this product numerous times with 100% success. It’s easy to use and does not require installation on the wheel – which is great when you’re down in the mud.”

“These are very strong and easy to use. Stuck in ice my car rolled right out with these. Pricey, I think, but worth it.”

Editor’s Pick: Pinto, Inc GoTreads Emergency Traction Mats

best foldable traction mats

GoTreads foldable traction mats are a unique product that was first designed in 1975. They have been on the market since 1991 and are manufactured in the USA. What makes them unique is that they double as traction mats and as leveling blocks.

When stuck in mud, snow, or sand, they can be folded and used for level adjustment in your RV, truck, fifth wheel, or trailer. This allows you to keep your systems working properly, get accurate readings on your tank levels, and reduce wobble.

They measure 46”L x 9”W when unfolded and 12”L x 9”W x 4”H when folded. They require no assembly. The design is centered around one thing, simplicity. You can position the mats or blocks in a matter of seconds without any tools and store them in small spaces.

The material used includes a high-impact polypropylene copolymer with a smooth finish. The surface allows mud, sand, and snow to shake off easily for cleaning. Special additives make the plastic extra tough and durable.

The manufacturer claims that one GoTreads traction mat is enough for passenger cars and minivans in most slippery situations. They, however, recommend going for two in case you have more than one stuck wheel.

The package comes with 2 flexible high strength mats available in either black or orange. Each GoTreads mat ways just 5.8 pounds. It’s good to note that these do not feature a bag. However, they are more affordable than some of their direct competitors.

What buyers are saying:

“I was eager to receive this product and I just spent the last hour trying/testing the GoTreads Traction Mats in the mud. Wow! Works better than I expected. Very light, too.”

“I used ONE of these to get myself out of a very mud-filled field. At the time I only had one. Using one worked but having at least two would have been much better in that situation. Once out of the mud I hosed it off and inspected it for damage. No damage at all noted. They are easy to store since they fold up and take up little room. That’s a plus for me. I don’t regret this purchase.”

Best Value for Money: Performance Tool W41003 Traction Mats

best foldable traction mats

The Performance Tool Traction Mats are a lot like the ones from GoTreads. They are a cheaper alternative manufactured in China. On paper, they are designed to work like any other traction mats.

They provide emergency traction and grip when your vehicle is stuck in ice, mud, or sand. Performance Tools made them a much more affordable alternative to tire chains. They slide under the tires in mud and allow your vehicle to drive up smoothly.

The material includes heavy-duty plastic for durability, strong metal hinges to connect the mat pieces, and raised nubs for superior traction. The plastic is precisely machined and includes hardened jaws.

Performance Tool foldable traction mats work well with passenger vehicles, vans, pickup trucks, and small cargo trucks. They are lightweight and fold easily for storage in small spaces. The package includes two mats that measure 38 inches long and 7 inches wide.

There are no customer reviews yet for these traction mats. However, Performance Tools has good reviews overall on their tools and automotive products. Unlike GoTreads, there is no mention of these mats doubling up as leveling blocks.

Economical: WawaAuto All-Weather Foldable Traction Mat

best foldable traction mats

WawaAuto All-Weather Traction Mats are the best cheapest foldable mats for mud, snow, and sand. They boast a hexagonal honeycomb design that provides the traction needed between your tires and loose ground.

Each mat measures 22 inches long, 7 inches wide, and ½ an inch high. As you may notice, they are more compact than the other mats listed in this guide. However, don’t let this fool you. With an adjustable angle, these mats are designed to work on different types of roadways.

The manufacturer points out that they are directional. This means that they have a side that should strictly face up during use. They have a label molded into the end indicating which side is up.

If this isn’t followed, the foldable mats may shoot right out from under the tires. They are lightweight and strong enough to handle up to 3.5 tons. The pieces are connected together using rigid but flexible metal parts that allow them to unfold flat.

They also take up very little pace in your trunk and are the best option for road trips. It’s advisable to first clear out any sand, mud, or snow that is near the tires before laying them on the ground.

For better results, clamp them between the tire and ground and adjust them in the direction of the rolling tires. These mats can be used all year round, whether you’re going for a summer trip to the beach or some winter skiing.

Here’s what customers have to say:

“They were the perfect thing that I needed to get unstuck. Placed them next to the rear tires and was able to get enough traction to get unstuck. They worked great!”

“These saved us from being stuck in the mud in remote Utah. It took quite a while to back up 100 feet but we just kept putting these under the rear tires, backing up a few feet and then repeating the process. I would recommend getting a longer set or maybe two sets.”

Heavy Duty: Discount Ramps Apex TP-7417 Recovery Grip Track

best foldable traction mats

The Discount Ramps Apex TP-7417 are not mats. They are tracks that provide extra traction when a car is stuck in marsh, mud, sand, ice, or snow. They are made using powder-coated steel and feature clawed grip at the bottom.

This prevents tires from slipping. They measure 6.5″ L x 7.25″ D x 1.875″ H when folded and 20.375″ L x 7.25″ D x 1.5″ H when unfolded. You can easily store them in your trunk after using them to get your vehicle out of a stuck situation.

The clawed surface faces the ground for maximum grip while the top part allows the tires to move easily over the surface. The serrated teeth provide maximum traction. To use the tracks, place them behind or in front of your drive wheels and drive.  

These fit all types of tires and are ready to use in case of an emergency. It’s good to note that they may not be ideal for heavy trucks and semis. The steel is not strong enough to handle the extra weight.

These tracks can save a serious off-roader some time and effort. They provide enhanced strength and durability and are an alternative where foldable traction mats might not be suitable.

They are made of metal, hence, it’s advisable to blast them with some WD-40 occasionally and keep them clean and corrosion free.

Here’s what customers have to say:

“I have had these ramps for years, and this is my second pair. They have NEVER failed to get me out of a snowdrift! As a single lady, they give me huge peace of mind, just having them in my vehicle! I should add that I live in the country, so there isn’t always someone around to help me when I get stuck!”

“I’ve had a pair of these for 40 years and have used them numerous times with different autos to get moving on ice and out of bad situations. I’ve also helped my neighbors. I have my old pair to a friend and bought these. Absolutely best there is!”

“Live on a lake and used these ramps (which fold up neatly for storage) to aid in getting traction for our pickup when hauling out our boat from a sandy beach. It was a long shot and worked when placed under the front wheels.”

On That Note

Foldable traction mats are a must-have for anyone that lives in an area prone to heavy rain and snow. Mud, sand, snow, and wet clay are not to be taken lightly. They can turn a good trip into a frustrating experience.

Even with traction control systems in most modern cars, there’s always the chance that you might experience some uncontrolled wheelspin. To avoid digging deep into the mud and sinking your tires farther down, grab a pair of the best foldable traction mats.

The beauty with these over traction boards is that they are easy to store in your trunk or under your seats. They do not take up much space. This means that you can always keep them in your car until the time comes. Few products are as portable, effective, and easy to use.