Best Car Steering Wheel Desk Tray (2022)

Cars are like our second homes. We spend a lot of time eating, moving around, and working in them. They can sometimes be our comfort zone. Well, what better way to make your car comfortable than with a car steering wheel desk tray?

This is a simple device that provides a solid support for a laptop, drinks, or food items. Whether you need to send a quick email, grab some lunch, or hold your laptop; there’s no need to fumble around with things.

A car steering wheel tray works just perfect. It’s ideal for those that work remotely, those that have plenty of unplanned meetings, or those looking to make the interior of their car more comfortable. Below is a list of the best options available on the market today.

Best Car Wheel Trays in 2022

  1. Best overall: Lebogner Auto Steering Wheel Desk
  2. Best alternative: HEYTRIP Bamboo Double-Sided Steering Wheel Tray
  3. Best versatile: Xergur 2 in 1 Car Steering Wheel Tray
  4. Best folding: JOYTUTUS 3 in 1 Steering Wheel Multifunctional Tray
  5. Best for larger vehicles: Wheeldesk Contractor Size Multipurpose Workstation

Best Car Steering Wheel Desk Tray

1.    Best Overall: Lebogner Auto Steering Wheel Desk

car steering wheel desk tray

Lebogner Auto Steering Wheel Desk is a double-sided tray that allows car owners to turn their cabin into a convenient space for work or lunch. One side has a deep flat surface and a cup holder to hold food and drinks.

The other side is flat and acts like a small table for a laptop, tablet, notebook, or iPad. It also has a pen slot that holds your pen to prevent it from falling and getting lost under your seat. The tray measures 16.5 x 11 x 1 inches.

It weighs 1.21 pounds and is designed to fit steering wheels between 41/8 and 43/4 inches in diameter. It’s available in 7 colors – black, rose, pink, blue, beige, red, and grey. It is sturdy enough to support relatively heavy items, including cosmetics and makeup.

You can use it to read, write, eat, or work without having to struggle to find a place for your items. The hooks catch onto the bottom of your steering wheel to provide a stable platform. The manufacturer recommends measuring your steering wheel first to confirm that it can fit.


  • Sturdy enough to work and eat meals on
  • Firm and durable
  • Easy to store behind the seat
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Portable
  • Universal fit


  • Doesn’t fit where there’s a steering wheel cover
  • You may need to turn the wheel upside down if it’s ‘T’ shaped.

What customers are saying:

“I ordered this for my husband who is very hard to buy gifts for. Because of work he spends a lot of time in his car and I thought this might be useful. He uses it almost every day and absolutely loves it.”

“This product is by far the most useful car accessory that I feel like everyone should get their hands on.”

2.    Best alternative: HEYTRIP Bamboo Double-Sided Steering Wheel Tray

This bamboo steering wheel desk tray hails itself as a much safer alternative to the plastic options. It’s made from natural bamboo which is a better choice for eating and working on. What makes it one of the best car steering wheel trays is its ability to still double as a working and eating station.

Unlike its plastic counterpart, it has no chemical smell, is water-resistant, non-toxic, and durable. It is the perfect item for anyone that eats and works in their car. This includes fast food fans, commuters, truckers, and ‘busybodies.’

The HEYTRIP Bamboo Double-sided Steering Wheel Tray measures 16.7 x 11.6 x 0.5 inches. It weighs 2.14 pounds and is designed to fit most steering wheels. The hooks lock right into place to provide a sturdy surface for working and eating.

The wood comes with a smooth finish on top that eliminates any sharp edges. It also features a protective coating that makes the tray easy to clean with a damp cloth. The manufacturer includes a storage bag with the product.


  • Comes with a protective sleeve
  • Sturdy enough for eating and working
  • Looks and feels good thanks to the smooth finish
  • Enough tray space for laptops and food
  • Easy to clean


  • Can leave deep indents on leather steering wheel
  • Get scratched easily by sharp objects

What customers are saying:

“I enjoy using this table to eat my lunch in my car on the go or charging at the superchargers. I can also set my laptop on it and do some work or even fill out some paperwork while waiting for an appointment. Easy to install and pretty sturdy.”

“We use it all the time – I work in my car while I wait for my kids at sports practice, which is why I got it – and I am endlessly grateful to have purchased it! Would purchase again and recommend it to anyone who spends a lot of time in their vehicle – whether that is working or playing on your computer, eating, or anything in between.”

3.    Best versatile: Xergur 2 in 1 Car Steering Wheel Tray

car steering wheel desk tray

The Xergur 2 in 1 Car Steering Wheel Tray takes things a notch higher by allowing car owners to have a ‘desk’ they can mount both on the steering wheel and on the back of the driver’s or front passenger seat.

This means that not only can it serve the driver but also the rear passengers as well. It comes with two different types of hooks at the top. The steering wheel hook holds the tray onto the steering wheel while the head restraint rod hook holds it to the seat headrest.

It also comes with an additional strap to make sure the tray attaches firmly to the back of the seat. It measures 14.5 x 12 x 2.4 inches and weighs just 2.64 pounds. You can use it to work, write, or eat while in the car.

It is sturdy enough to hold food, a laptop, a notebook, and many other items. It even includes a slide out tray that can hold a mouse without unsettling the main tray. In total, it can hold up to 17 pounds.

It is ideal for drivers, travelers and people who spend a lot of time in their car. It makes good use of space and allows you to stay clean and tidy especially when eating. The manufacturer does not recommend using it while driving for safety purposes.


  • Fits on the steering wheel and seats with a headrest
  • Works with all kinds of steering wheels
  • Adjusts up and down
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes an additional slide out tray


  • Has several moving parts
  • Only suitable for passengers if the car has seat headrests
  • May not be easy to store

What customers are saying:

“This is the perfect solution for in-car dining, even for big guys like me. I’m about 275 pounds and was concerned this might not fit between me and the steering wheel. But since the height is easily adjustable, it fits just fine.”

“I expected this to be fine, but I did not expect it to work perfectly. Much to my surprise, it does! I am using this as a desk for my laptop, as I work from my car, but this would also be a perfect tray for food and/or drink. I have a relatively small, lighter computer. 100% worth the money!”

4.    Best folding: JOYTUTUS 3 in 1 Steering Wheel Multifunctional Tray

The JOYTUTUS 3 in 1 doubles both as a multifunctional working tray and office bag. It comes with a flannel pocket at the back that allows the steering wheel to slot in quickly and easily.

It also buckles to the back of the driver or front passenger seat, meaning you can use it while seated almost anywhere in the car. This car steering wheel desk tray can accommodate steering wheels of up to 15.75 inches in diameter.

It does not leave scratches on the wheel and neither does it require you to rotate your steering wheel to fit it. It measures 17.13 x 12.48 x 2.17 inches and can carry a 15-inch laptop comfortably.

The bag has retractable straps above and on both sides that help to adjust the height and opening angle. This allows car owners to find the best position to use the bag. Additional features include a water cup pocket and storage for documents, pens, and other items.

There’s a zipper that allows you to roll up the bag once you’re done and store it conveniently. The JOYTUTUS multifunctional tray can be used for working, eating, writing, reading, and enjoying some leisure time in the car.

It’s available in 4 colors – black, blue, gray, and pink.


  • Multiple functions
  • Plenty of storage pockets
  • Doubles as a bag
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be attached to the back of the seat


  • Not suitable for steering wheels larger than 15.75 inches
  • Some find it flimsy and not sturdy enough

What customers are saying:

“This purchase has been a game changer! No more having to keep my tablet from falling off my center console and twisting my body all around to get to the keyboard to type comfortably! No more sitting my tablet on my lap and bending my neck in uncomfortable ways. Storage space for folders, pens, my badge, etc! Love love love this product! Genius!”

“This is perfect for a mobile office or digital nomads!!! No more trying to balance my laptop on my knee and a cup in my cup holder or those low-centered kind that cut into your belly. Oh, and it doubles as a writing desk, tablet stand, and food tray!!! Highly recommend!!”

5.    Best for larger vehicles: Wheeldesk Contractor Size Multipurpose Workstation

car steering wheel desk tray

The Wheeldesk multipurpose workstation stands out from other car steering wheel trays in that it goes both over and under the steering wheel and is ideal for vehicles with larger wheels. It is made in the USA using composite MDF material.

It boasts an ergonomic design that provides more legroom than other trays. In fact, it positions well in front of you at a natural level to prevent straining.

The manufacturer added key holder holes and slots for pens and pencils to make your reading, writing, and working more convenient. The tray measures 1”D x 23”W x 2”H and weighs 5 pounds.

The most interesting part? It’s strong enough to hold up to 39 pounds. It also slides easily into the back pocket of your driver’s seat for storage.

The Wheeldesk car steering wheel desk tray is ideal for sales representatives, government or commercial official drivers, and anyone else that needs a tray for a car, truck or RV.


  • Mounts above and below the steering wheel
  • Great design
  • Large enough for larger vehicles and steering wheels
  • Sturdy for working and drawing plans
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for 18 wheelers, motor homes, and buses

What customers are saying:

“The design of this is fantastic. This has made working in a car tolerable. The contractor size is plenty large enough for a 15-inch laptop, mouse as well as my phone on the other side. Storage is simple in the back behind the driver’s seat, and it has a good solid durable feel to it! A must-have if you are forced to work out of your car at all!”

“This is just what I needed to work on the go!!! I purchased the contractor size and it fits perfectly in my car. Definitely going to buy a smaller one of these, just to have options if I want something I can fit into a bag. I HIGHLY recommend this product and feel it would make an awesome gift for the holidays!!!”

On That Note

When choosing the best steering wheel desk tray for your car, it’s important to confirm that it can fit your steering wheel. In addition, it should be easy to clean, portable, and stable enough to hold the items you use in your car often.

The best options provide enough firmness for food, a laptop and any other consumer item that you need on the go. Your tray should also be easy to store. Pick something that you can quickly slide behind the driver’s seat.

Remember to always remove the tray and keep it away before setting out for the road. Driving with a tray still attached to your steering wheel can be distracting and dangerous. Only mount the tray when you need to use it.